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1. Name
The Foundation shall be called 'Haywood Rheumatism Research & Development Foundation' and will also be known as 'Haywood Foundation'.


2. Membership
Membership of the Foundation shall be open to all persons interested in actively furthering the objects of the Foundation. The General Committee shall appoint members of the Foundation.

3. Object
The promotion of research in to and the treatment of, rheumatism. In furtherance of this object, but not otherwise, the Foundation shall have the powers:
a. To provide accommodation for research and treatment
b. To provide appropriate staff
c. To provide equipment for research purposes and treatment
d. To provide books and journals as appropriate to the work going on in the departments
e. To provide funds for printing and publication of research work
f. To provide necessary and approved administrative and transport expenses
g. To do all such lawful things as shall further the objects of the Foundation


4. Finance
a. All applications for grants and bursaries shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Foundation and reviewed by three members of the General Committee nominated by the Committee. Decisions regarding funding such applications will be made by the Committee in the light of the recommendations of the three members.
In the case of applications for research grants of >£25,000, external peer review will be sought from at least two experts.
b. All monies raised in the furtherance of the Foundation but not immediately required shall be deposited and invested in recognised financial institutions under the supervision of the Foundation Trustees according to the Scheme of Delegation and Policy of Internal Financial Control.
c. Disbursement of funds. The General Committee will agree any items of expenditure. As per the Scheme of Delegation and Policy of Internal Financial Control, this will include an annual financial plan submitted to the Trustees.
Signature of cheques and/or banking mandates will be according to the Scheme.

5. Trustees
There shall be no fewer than four and no more than six trustees who shall hold investments and property belonging to the Foundation. They shall not be subject to annual retirement. Trustees will be volunteers of diverse professional backgrounds and be of local residency. New trustees shall be appointed by existing trustees, ratified at the Annual General Meeting.A minimum of 3 trustees is required to be quorate for approving the annual accounts

6. Officers
The officers shall consist of a President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall each hold office normally for three years. The first Chairman and Secretary shall hold office for one year and two years respectively. On ceasing to hold office they shall in all cases be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

7. Committees
General Committee
This committee shall consist of the president who shall be ex-officio, the officers and not more than twelve elected members.
The General Committee will appoint 'Task and Finish Groups' as members see fit to take forward specific projects or undertakings, answerable to the General Committee. Each Task and Finish Group shall comprise at least one member of the General Committee.

8. Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held within four months of the end of each financial year and the agenda shall be as follows:-
(1) Minutes of last Annual General Meeting
(2) Adoption or otherwise of the audited Income and Expenditure Account for the year ending on the previous 31st March, together with the Balance Sheet as at that date
(3) Ratification of appointment of Trustees (as necessary), election of officers and General Committee members
(4) Appointment of Auditor
(5) Recommendations for alterations or additions to the Constitution
(6) Any other business appropriate to an annual general meeting

9. President
The president shall have the right to attend all meetings but shall only take the chair at the Annual General Meeting.

10. Voting
Each member shall be entitled to vote on any proposition at the Annual or any Special General Meeting and the Chairman of the meeting shall have an additional or casting vote in the event of equality of voting.

11. Meetings
Special General Meeting
On the resolution of the General Committee or on receipt by the secretary of a written request signed by ten members, a Special General Meeting shall take place within twenty-eight days of the resolution or request to discuss and decide upon any amendment to the Constitution or other specified business, provided that no amendment shall be made that would cause the Foundation to cease to be a Charity at law.
Committee meetings
The General Committee shall meet at least quarterly on dates and venues to be arranged in advance at each Committee meeting.
Task and Finish groups shall meet as necessary.

Notice of Meetings
A written notice for all meetings shall be sent to all eligible to attend at least fourteen clear days before the date of the meetings.
Annual General Meeting 10
Special General Meeting 10
General Committee meeting 7

12. Powers of sub-committees
These shall be as authorised from time to time by the General Committee

13. General Powers
It shall be competent for the General Committee to decide upon any matter not covered by the foregoing Constitution in the best interests of the objects of the Foundation but such decisions shall be reported to the next Annual General meeting for ratification or otherwise.

14. Dissolution
The Foundation may be dissolved by a resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of those members present with voting rights at either an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose of which twenty-one days prior notice has been given in writing. Such a resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by the Charity, after all debts and liabilities have been paid, the balance left to be transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to those of the Foundation.